Wickham Park Controversy Swirling

In a surprising turn of events, Brevard County has taken a firm stance on the future of Wickham Park. The park, which is within Melbourne city limits, has become a battleground for local control. Recently, Melbourne Mayor Paul Alfrey expressed interest in gaining control of the park, sparking tensions between the city and the county. On Tuesday, the County Commission sent a formal letter to Melbourne, opposing any transfer of ownership. Commissioner John Tobia had floated the idea of handing over the park to Melbourne, but Mayor Alfrey supported this only if it was publicly discussed by the county commission in March. But at the end of Tuesday’s commission meeting, the letter was slipped into the “Board Reports” without a separate agenda item. Mayor Alfrey, who expressed frustration, now plans to raise the issue before the Melbourne City Council on February 27th, saying he believes the public deserves a say in the matter.