Trains Are Speeding Up

For the first time ever, a Brightline train hit speeds of up to 79 mph during test runs between Melbourne and Rockledge on Wednesday. The test run actually marked the first time that a train has ever hit a maximum speed of 79 miles per hour along the corridor between Cocoa and West Palm Beach. Over the next few weeks, more trains will continue to test at a maximum speed of 79 miles per hour throughout the corridor, and then beginning this fall, Brightline says they will begin tests at speeds of 110 miles per hour. At the same time, both Brightline and area police say everyone needs to be more vigilant around the railroad tracks. At the high speeds, the trains will pass through intersections in as little as 5 to 7 seconds, so when you see the gates dropping, DO NOT try to drive around them to beat the traine, and NEVER stop on the track. Another issue is potential two way traffic now with the new double tracks. Look both ways, because when a train passes in one direction, there could be another one coming from the other direction.