Alligator Hunting Season Approaching

Alligator hunting season here in Florida begins soon, and this year hunters will have some new rules. For the first time in decades, daytime alligator hunting will be allowed. The statewide alligator hunting season begins August 15 and it ends November 1. Hunters will need an alligator trapping license, a statewide alligator harvest permit, and two alligator hide validation CITES tags. A limited amount of permits are available. This year there are about 7,000, and about 10,000 hunters are expected to apply. The permits are granted through a lottery style process, and each permit allows a hunter to take two alligators. Florida residents pay $272 for a permit, an alligator trapping license, and two tags. Non-Florida residents pay a lot more…. $1,022. There are plenty of gators to go around too… The Florida Fish And Wildlife Commission estimates that there are now about 1.3 million alligators here in Florida.